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2004 Chevrolet Impala - power steering reservoir location

where is the power steering resivor located?

In the engine compartment. I’d bet your owners manual has a picture with an arrow pointing to it.

3.8L or 3.4L ?

I’m not sure it matters, but I know where it is on the 3.8 and am guessing it’s the same on the 3.4.

I have an LS 3.8 and the location isn’t the most convenient, but I check mine from above after putting on a long-sleeve old shirt that can get dirty.

It’s behind the engine on the passenger side and you can use the serpentine belt and power-steering pulley to get you looking in the right place. The cap has a “steering wheel” logo on it and a flash light could help you locate it.

I lean over the engine from the front and snake my arm through an opening and get hold of the cap/dipstick, turn it and carefully pull it out.

I check the level (low mark is “cold” and high mark is “hot” I believe). If it’s good I wipe it off and hold it with a finger on the tip of the stick and guide it back to the top of the tank, using my finger on the end to feel the opening and keep the stick from bumping anything and getting dirt on it.

If it’s low then adding fluid is fun, too. You’ll either need a funnel/tube or I’ve successfully used small “bathroom” paper cups with a spout pinched into the paper. I lower the cup in there and do it all by feel.

Add fluid a little at a time as it usually doesn’t take much (unless you have a leak) and overfilling is not good.

Good luck and may the force be with you!