2004 Chevrolet Blazer gas smell

First thing in the a.m. when I start the car up there is a very strong gas smell and this only happens on the first start. The smell stays with you inside the car and worse when you put the a/c on.
Took the car to a mechanic and at that time no gas smell because I had driven it the shop so the smell was gone. I took the car to chevy and they said that they had a warranty extension until this year 2019 and that they would replace the parts no charge. They dropped the fuel tank, replaced the seal, bolt and clamp but the problem still hasn’t be resolved. Please let me know what you think. The car only has 56,000.

I think the recall didn’t address your problem. Keep looking for the source of the smell/leak. It could cause a fire if not identified. Any decent mechanic should be able to find the source. I’d guess rusted metal fuel lines on the high pressure side.

I am amazed Chevy performed a recall on a 15 year old car.

Thanks for your reply. Took the car to another mechanic will find out tomorrow what the problem is. I was surprised also that they extended the warranty, they didn’t do a recall as everyone would have responded.

A recall is a safety issue.

It lasts the life of the vehicle.


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Common places for fuel leaks besides the fuel tank itself: hoses from gas cap area to top of fuel tank, fuel lines and connections, fuel filter & connections, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injector O-rings, fuel rail test ports. Problems with the charcoal canister system can cause odors also.