2004 Chevrolet Aveo - Steering lock broken

My steering wheel lock has stopped working, except when you really don’t need it to. I’ve taken it to several mechanics who say all Chevrolet says is you have to replace the entire steering column. Anyone know how to disable or fix it without a $500 part.{or a used one}

Have you taken it to a Chevy dealer to confirm this ?


what do you mean stopped working? Can you turn the key, can you move the steering wheel at all? Need more details. If you can’t turn the key, try turning your steering wheel clockwise as you turn the key.


You can get a used one for ~$100, but it’s the labor that brings it to $500. The price quoted seems to be for a used one.


Would you be ok if the steering wheel didn’t lock at all? Just eliminate the steering wheel lock function entirely? No experience myself, but there may be a work-a-round method for that. It may be impossible to find someone who would do it for you though, out of fear of unintended consequences. But if you wanted to diy, someone here may know how.