2004 Chevrolet Aveo - Hanging muffler

Have a hanging exhaust that is separated from muffler. I need a suggestion on a quick cheap easy as possible fix at least for temporarily. I’m in training for my job and I have a kid. I wish there was transportation where we live but there isn’t.

Do you not have a relative or friend who will make you a loan to have this exhaust repaired properly. As someone who has been sickened by a exhaust leak that would not be something I would want your child to experience. A muffler charge of 200.00 to 300.00 is still cheaper then an Emergency Room visit.


I wish I did I don’t. My dad passed in 2011 & my mom lives an hour away, doesn’t drive and doesn’t get much of an income. I’m kinda screwed.

Had 1 estimate of over $500. That’s out of my budget.

That’s a lot cheaper than the funeral for your kid when he/she dies in a car wreck because you passed out from exhaust fumes.


I never said I was driving her around in it. I’ll end the conversation with you now. Geez

I used a can of beans (empty and open at both ends) and a dollop of furnace cement to fix that problem once. Worth a try if you have zero money. Of course, that was before I understood the dangers of carbon monoxide, so maybe do it right.

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I had it taken care of for $40. Thanks!


Great news. Don’t mind the trolls on here.

How did you fix it so cheaply? I was going to suggest shopping around, but didn’t expect $40.