2004 Camry Steering Wheel

My 2004 Toyota Camry LE (auto transmission) with 61K miles makes a soft knocking sound (appears to be coming from the interior of the car) when turning the steering wheel. The steering wheel makes this sound even at the slightest turn of the steering wheel, i.e., within the “play” and even when the engine is off (before it goes to lock position). I would appreciate ideas on what could be possibly causing it. Thanks in advance

It is usually the intermediate steering shaft. There is a technical service bulletin on this but if you are out of warranty you end up paying for the repair. There are other possibilities too, but that is the 1st thing I will check.

Usually<< that intermediate steering shaft, but for mine the solution was a lot simpler. This very topic was discussed recently here:


Thanks for the response. I’ll approach the dealer and see what they can do in connection with the TSB.

update: took the car to the dealer. The TSB was right but the dealer proposed a solution similar to art1966


but the cost was twice…didn’t mind at all since less expensive than changing the intermediate steering shaft…i just hope that was a permanent fix