2004 Buick LeSabre

When I turn on my a/c I get a constant clicking noise. Very annoying. Can anyone advise?

Inside the car . . . behind the dash?

In the engine bay?

I get a clicking noise every time I wind my watch, any advise ? And by the way it is blue colored.

My advice would be to have a shop that works on automotive A/C systems look at it. A/C systems require specialized knowledge and equipment to repair, so IMHO there’s no benefit to our suggesting possible causes. You’ll end up at the shop anyway.

I’ll second TSM , fixing this will likely require a visit to an AC specialist shop. I’d speculate that the clicking noise was from one of two sources

  • the AC compressor, more likely if the sound seems to come from the engine area
  • a vent door motor, more likely if the sounds seems to come from the dash area