Clicking in dash

why does my Buick have a small click in the dash?

Need lots of info here.

Year/mileage and engine size? 3.8L?

When do you hear the ‘ticking’ sound? Loud? Steady or intermittent?

When the key is OFF? ON?

When key is on and some component (radio, etc.) is turned on?

Eg: A/C on what fan speed? Or when the heater is used?

What part of dash is the noise coming from?

Turn signal flasher?

Etc, Etc, Etc.

You’re going to have to be way more detailed than that. When does it happen, how often, cold, hot, relation to climate controls, how loud, repetitive or single click, while stopped or just while moving? Also what year is your Buick?

Is this clicking speed related ? Gets faster as you go faster ?

Speedo cable at a guess, check for the speedo needle bouncing around a little at low speed, if it does that then I’d say cable.

Update : Then it isn’t the speedo cable.

it is a 2003 buick lesabre limited with 60,000 3.8l the engine can be eliminated as the source
clicking happens randomly not loud sounds like a clock
key must be on
radio is off nothing is running except the engine
car has climate control fan speed may vary noise must be in middle of dash sound the same from either side of car
turn signal off flasher off

it is a great car well maintained 2003 buick lesabre limited
eng is 3.8l noise is NOT coming from engine
eng must be running to hear clicking. It may happed a any time from startup to end of trip.
Noise is small enough that car must be a idle of near idle to be head
It is the same noise a clock in the dash would make
I drive with the radio off car has climate control so fan speed varies
I first noticed the noise stopped at a light, so moving or standing makes no difference
Noise is the same behind the wheel or sitting on passenger side.