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2004 Acura TL vibrates after motor mount replacement

After putting all new. Motor mounts from
Amazon. 5 for 69. 2 from autozone 100each the car vibrates like crazy I have to put in nuttiel at a light-so car don’t feel like going to fall apart only installed 3?of the ones from amazon. And the 2 expensive ones from autozone

that’s totally possible that cheap non-OEM mounts can cause vibration

It is possible to replace expensive hydraulic motor mounts with cheap solid aftermarket ones. This is the usual result.

Are you saying your car has 7 motor mounts?

Is the maintenance on your car up to date, especially the spark plugs? Is your check-engine light on?

Check the harmonic balancer

I’m with the others . . . cheapo motor mounts are probably the cause of the vibration

Seen it happen plenty of times

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From my experience on 2012 Nissan Altima

I had one of mounts torn, so decided to replace all of them (4 total, including 2 hydraulic “soft” mounts).

I was able to buy all 4 from RockAuto, but only 3 of the were marked as “actual OEM part”, the smallest top torque/stabilizer link was from some another vendor.

Installed all parts, vibration at idle was TERRIBLE.
Just because the “new” top torque/stabilizer link was not original, and my part was not torn, I installed it back.
Silky-smooth idle!

From my assessment, replacement part was stiffer, but not substantially. Still, it was enough to cause bad vibration.

So, the point to @Jenniecoleman: do not cheap out on parts, go with reasonable Acura originals or “actual OEM part” from RockAuto or you get unpredictable results.

BTW, RockAuto accepted the return and said their “sorry that it cause you an issue”, it was easy to return bad part

Well using “Nuttiel” at stoplights will cause most cars to vibrate, so that is normal. I find using Nutella is more pleasant as it has both Chocolate and Hazlenuts in it, but that is another topic entirely. More on point you can always use Neutral if you have an automatic transmission.