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2003 Volvo S80 - should I do the work?

Vehicle needs a power steering reservoir, an alternator and a cable for the hood release. Estimate is $1650, however thought I had received an estimate two months ago closer to the $1,000 - $1200 range. Car is dead in the driveway, either needs to be towed - maybe jumped - to get to station. I was told that the Power steering reservoir leak killed the alternator.

What is a fair price to pay for the work?
Is it worth putting the $ into the car… light use, spare car.

Little used car. The dead battery could be due the normal parasitic drain if there is a long time between starts, not an issue with the alternator.

Power steering reservoir leaking, that would be a new one on me. I think it would be more likely be just a hose.

Cable for hood release. Can you open the hood at all? If it is just difficult, then all it needs is a little lubrication.

I think you need to see another mechanic.

If the rest of the vehicle is in good shape, it’s definitely worth repairing. None of these are serious problems.

But I would NOT use the dealer for these repairs. Any reputable shop can do the repairs for perhaps less than half that price. Perhaps much less.

And they can recharge and test your battery too, if it’s gone dead due to that bad alternator. But if it’s more than 5 years old, they’ll probably recommend just replacing it, and I would agree with that recommendation.

I agree with @keith and @mountainbike here. A second opinion is a big money saver in most cases.

A leaky p/s reservoir will not prevent a car from starting. Even a dead alternator will have no impact on starting. IF you have a good battery or use a jumper. Many p/s pumps have reservoirs that can be separated from pump body. Sometimes it’s a simple o-ring seal that leaks. Or it could be a leaky shaft seal. It happens. Buy a $4 bottle of p/s fluid, and jump car. That’s pretty easy. Than drive to a reasonable shop.