2003 Volkswagen Beetle - P0172 code

I have a Beetle 1.8 turbo, the check engine light keeps coming on with a cope of P0172 Mass Air flow Sensor I changed that and it check engine light came back on, then also the EPC light goes on and off, also when I floor the gas pedel it has a hesitation which wont go past 50 miles per hour

Bite the bullet, find a VW mechanic or use a VW dealership and pay the diagnostic fee.

I did and they told me that the EOC light needs to stay for them the be able to check it out

It sounds like the trouble isn’t with the MAF sensor itself. Air leaks within the intake or exhaust systems will make the O2 sensor compensate for a lean fuel condition and add more fuel to the mixture. Also a faulty fuel injector can add excessive fuel to the engine.

Uh, no . . .

P0172 does NOT mean the MAF is bad

It means rich mixture

Who told you to replace the MAF . . . ?!

Let me guess . . . Autozone?

First you say EPC . . . then you say EOC

Which is it?

In any case, you need to diagnose that rich condition properly

A completely clogged engine air filter or an injector that is flowing way too much would be examples of a rich condition. An air cleaner housing full of acorns . . . think rodents . . . could also cause a rich condition.

I’ve also seen cases of cheapo aftermarket air filters where the glue is slobbered on so thick that it caused a rich condition . . . because the glue was actually restricting air flow

Sorry its. EPC. Light keeps going on and off. I brought the car to a mechanic he put the meter on it to get these codes for the MAF