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2001 Volkswagen Jetta - EPC light/Mass Airflow Sensor problems?

Help! My engine is in trouble. A few weeks ago, my check engine light came on. The diagnostics revealed that my Mass Airflow Sensor was done for. I replaced it, and everything was working fine for a week. Then a couple of days ago, my Electronic Power Control (EPC) light came on. The car is really dragging. It have to gun it to make it go above 60 MPH. It’s become scary to drive on highways. Are the two issues potentially connected? Will it be costly to fix?

You did good starting with getting the codes. However codes are only indicators. They don’t mean replace this or that part etc. Once you get the codes you need to get the advice of a real mechanic who is familiar with your make and model car you have and can access your car. Those codes can save the mechanic a lot of time and effort (saving your money) but they don’t do so hot at telling you what the problem really is.