My Pontiac Montana (2002) has the ID10t light stuck on (check engine light)

My Pontiac Montana (2002) has the ID10t light stuck on (check engine light). I replace my air filter (mistake) myself and forgot to reconnect a vacuum line and the van stalled shortly during the next drive I took in it. The van ran very rough for the next few miles as I took it to NTB to have it looked at. They made sure that every thing was put back tighter right but the check engine light was still showing an error code. The code is mixture too rich (p0172) on bank one. Replaced both O2 sensors (140,000 miles) and plugs and wires. Still have the code. The mechanic that put in the O2 sensors wants 1 to 2 hours of labor to figure out what is causing it. He said “there are 2 pages of diagnostic tests…” and I want to know if any one has any idea what I can look at before spending a bunch of money for nothing (If they do not find any thing I bet I still have to pay).

Here’s one guess - you replaced the air filter, but things didn’t go back together right. As such unfiltered air went into the intake and dirtied your Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF). If you’re up to it, buy a can of MAF sensor cleaner at an auto parts store. Pull your intake back apart, follow the directions and clean the MAF. Put it back together, but make sure its right this time :wink:

I think that is most likely. For more suggestions see this: