2003 Tahoe airconditioner

I have 2003 Tahoe and whenever I have the air on and excelerate I hear a loud clicking noise. This also happens when I have the heat on. It goes away after a few seconds. Any suggestion on how to fix this problem besides driving with the windows down?

The sound you hear is most likely from the vent door controller. The air vent doors are usually controlled with vacuum air from the engine and when you accellerate the engine the vacuum level goes low. There is supposed to be a vacuum air resevoir under the hood that is there to smooth out the engine vacuum changes, there may be a problem with it or the connection to it.

Do you notice a change in the source of your heated/cooled air? (if the air is comming from the dash vents does it change to the defroster outlet while vehicle is under acceleration)Any possibility it could be the heater/blower motor? From where does the noise seem to come? be as accurate as possible.Iam leaning to electricaly controled mode doors.