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Upper control arm bushing torn?

Upper control arm bushing torn on a 2000 Acura Integra

Can u just replace the bushings alone? Is it critical to repair this?

Any other tips?

If the bushings/ball joint become worn on the upper control arm, the entire control arm is replaced.


Sepends on how torn. Is it a crack in the bulgy part hanging out of the bushing? Don’t change but keep an eye on it. Is the bushing floppy-torn? You can wiggle the control arm? Yeah, change the whole control arm assembly as @tester points out. Much simpler and you get a new ball joint, too.

At 17 years of age I wouldn’t be surprised if the rubber in the bushings is given up. Per Tester, it’s best to replace the arm which includes the new ball joint.

And if one side is bad it can be reasonably assumed the other is equally bad or headed that way.

@Tester - excellent post with the link - I bought the rotor at this place for the same car.

If the arm is being changed, what else is worth changing? Am I correct that the arm connects to the suspension - is it worth changing the suspension (but keep the coil)?

There might also be other bushings around suspension (not the coil). I heard KYB - unsure if RockAuto sells KYB.

Bushings are torn both sides and the greased is spattered in the wheel well area.
But the car seems stable - joint seems good but m/c has to inspect.
Are the bushings itself available to buy?