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2003 Saab 9-3 can’t pass emissions test

I have a 2003 Saab 93 , Model Linear. I am unable to pass the State of Maryland emission test. I have changed all the parts, which concern the emission but the check engine light remains and I fail the test over an over.
I have changed the secondary air injection pump,
the vacuum pump,
the mass air flow sensor ; oxygen sensor (front),
the coolant temperature sensor, and the secondary air injection check valve.

I believe there is something else needs to be done to get the system working I trust your expert knowledge on cars will guide me solving this challenging problem.

Have the codes read and post them hear, format is P0123.


You can apply for an emissions waiver. This is from the MVA website:

You must have your vehicle re-tested until it passes the required VEIP tests or until you receive a repair waiver. To be eligible for the waiver you must have made emissions-related repairs to your vehicle totaling at least $450.00. The cost of an emissions-related repair can be counted if it was made:

  • during the 30 days before the initial VEIP test; or ,
  • on the day of the initial VEIP test; or ,
  • during the period following the initial VEIP test and prior to the last failed test.

To apply for the repair waiver, you also must complete and submit to the VEIP station the repair waiver request (on the reverse side of the vehicle emissions inspection certificate) and the original invoices, receipts and/or repair orders for the emissions-related repairs. A Station Representative will visually inspect your vehicle to verify that all emissions equipment is present and that the repairs you paid for were completed.


Do you know what part of the emissions test your engine is failing? Here in Calif I believe it covers

  • nitrogen products
  • hydrocarbons
  • evaporative system