Trouble starting saab

My 2003 saab 9-3 is giving me trouble starting when it is hot from the sun and also from running. It starts great in the morning or shade. It’s has been at the dealer 4x’s and is there now. They have replaced crank sensor and fuel pump and each time they say it’s fixed. It is not. I was told to have them check fuel system check valve, they say they changed that too. Any suggestions for someone at the end of her rope??

2003 9-3’s were the year that GM took over and completely redid the body style. From multiple “good ol boy” used Saab dealers/mechanics in my area [Maine] i’ve been told to stay far away from the 03’ 9-3’s as they are ridden w/ trouble & expensive to fix. Check out Saabnet as well, they have some good bulletin boards and people are real good about responding.

My much older Saab did a similar thing. It would run hot & when I would slow down/stop it would stall out & have trouble restarting. When cool, it was absolutely fine. Check the temp. sensor that helps the car guage how hot the engine is getting. If your car seems to be running hot [high into the red] this might be an issue to look at.

Different issue that might be effecting it, the 03’ 9-3’s tend to have engine sludge issues. a.) possibly have your engine oil changed and b.) if all else fails, have the oil pan dropped and completely cleaned out including the filters in the line. They do this around my area for about $250. Make sure you’re using synthetic only.