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2003 Nissan Sentra- Stalls after gas

My wife has a 2003 Nissan Sentra. Runs fine about 90% of the time. However, after she fills up the tank and leaves the gas station, the next time she comes to a stop and idles the car will cut off on her. Most of the time she can crank it back up and drive off and it might not give her a problem until she needs gas again. It also has an intermittent CEL for O2 sensors. I have mixed ideas on how to tackle this issue.

Wanna share those ideas?? Don’t hold back, it really annoys people trying to help you if you feed them information bit-by-bit. Tell it all or don’t post. Harsh? Sure, but you are wasting our time and yours that way.

First, tell her to stop topping off the tank trying to squeeze every last drop in. That will help the stalling. If she doesn’t do that, you have an issue with the evap system to address. Post that code here.

Second, post the O2 sensor codes and any other stored in the car and we’ll suggest a path forward. If you can’t read the codes, have them read at an auto parts store and post the P1234 format codes, not just what the counter lackey tells you they mean.

I don’t have any mixed ideas about a problem like this. First thing is I am driving the vehicle and my wife will use the one without problems. Second I would spend the 100.00 to 125.00 for a shop diagnostic to see what really needs to be done if I don’t think I can fix it myself.