1999 Nissan Maxima Suspension

My wifes Nissan Maxima Has 108,000 miles on it. It has a great reliable smooth running engine. I have done all the routine maintenance so far. The suspension does not seem to absorb bumps as it used to. We plan on keeping it four more years. None of the struts are leaking oil. Nothing in the front end is loose. Would the ride be improved with new struts and what brands are best for this car?

The struts could be bad. They don’t usually go out all at once, they tend to go out a little at a time. Also other parts of the suspension tend to wear as well and slowly loosen up. Replacement struts are almost always at least a little tighter than OEM (that includes OEM replacements) to help adjust for this.

If you like a tighter fell, new struts will likely give you at least a little and maybe a lot.  

You can have the shop check them for you.  While they may tell you that you need new when you don't, they seldom tell you that you don't need them when you do.

Just because a strut doesn’t leak, doesn’t mean they’re NOT bad. At 108k miles they’ve probably seen better days. Have them checked.

As for replacmenets…OEM for this car are made by either Koni or KYB. Both are EXCELLENT shocks. There is a upgrade KYB…You’ll LOVE the ride and will easily last the 4 years you’re planning on keeping the car.