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2003 Nissan Extrail idle drops

after 500m there are no revs but if I turn off the motor for 10min and start again everything is fine and at that time if I had turned on the heater, the fan does not turn extrail 2003.

Reread your post to yourself.
Someone who knows nothing about what you are talking about, is lost!!!

Give us a little more to work with.


Ok, sorry about that. My car is a Nissan extrail 2.0 automatic and
when I start it, it idles properly but after maybe two minutes , the
idling changes, goes down and if I try to apply the accelerator
nothing happens, but after a minute or two it goes back to normal.
This happens even when I have half a tank of petrol. What I also
realised is that when the idling is low the heater fan does not stop
even if I try to turn it off and the battery signal on the dashboard
starts flicking. I hope I’ve done better this time.

The way I read it you have two separate issues.
Engine RPM: No Check Engine Light?

The heater fan situation might be a faulty fan switch.

You may have a couple of problems. First, you may need to replace the alternator since you mentioned the battery warning. The blower issue may be due to a faulty solid state speed control module. See what happens after the charging system is repaired first.

thanx bros, i’ll do that