2003 Mazda Miata Grumbles

My 2003 Miata is doing something I don’t understand. Sometimes when I stop, just at the point of stopping there is a very load rumbling sound. The first time it happened I thought I had run over a very rough spot in the road. This does not happen often; mayby once every 30 or 40 stops. The rest of the time there is no unusual sound at all. Any ideas about what this might possibly be?

I’ll assume you mean loud rumbling sound. Does the brake pedal “rumble” a bit, too? You might be triggering an ABS event because a wheel bearing or ABS sensor is failing.

If there is vibration from the brake pedal all the time, that could be what you feel or it could be triggering an ABS event as well.

All just guesses from out here in the internet. A visit to a good independent repair shop with a test drive is in order.

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