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2003 Lexus SC 430 - What to watch for

Just acquired the Lexus sc430. Anything I should watch out for with a 100,00 miles on?

Did you have the car checked out by your mechanic before you bought it? (I’ll guess, No) Doing that would have answered your question from a person with their eyes and hands on the actual vehicle.

Any car with 100K miles is so much more dependent on how it was maintained by previous owners than any brand history. Lexus may be a Toyota but the previous owner may not have maintained the car even to Lexus’ recommendations, let alone what we here would consider proper.

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  1. Motor mount failure-very common in this car, and I went through quite a few mechanical repair errors trying to find why the car was idling lumpy at stop lights until Lex mechanic found it was mounts, ie a physical rather than mechanical/electrical.
  2. Radio/nav are from Pioneer, and when they fail its quite costly=dealer only gets ‘remanufactured’ ones these days…changing to aftermarket is pricey too, and the NAV is hopelessly outdated!

You just joined so you may not be aware that you are replying to older threads. Ans most of those are by people who have never returned .

The date of last post is in the right hand side of the thread. In this one the last post was September 2018.

@VOLVO_V70 you are right, but the info that was posted is actually very useful to anyone searching for data about this particular model car. It’s worth posting it, in my opinion.