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2003 Lancer Manual Transmission

How do I check and/or replentish if needed the oil in my 2003 Lancer manual transmission?

Manual transmissions do not have a “dipstick”. You need to get under the car, or get it up on a lift. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the transmission case, and somewhere on the side of the case is another plug. Pull out the side plug and the level of fluid should up to the bottom of the hole, if not add the correct fluid until it is.

As your car is a 2003 it would be good for the transmission to pull the drain plug, get the old fluid out and refill with fresh. Do the drain/refill every 3 to 4 years.

Thanks, Uncle Turbo. I’ve been changing the engine oil all these years and never looked for nor noticed those plugs. I’m assuming I’ll be able to find them. Any tricks to getting the new gear oil into the side hole? Special squeeze bottle?


Check with your auto parts store. There usually is a hand pump that looks like a larger version of a hand cleaner pump which has a hose attached that can reach the upper fill plug hole. The pump will usually fit neatly in the bottle of lubricant you need to put into the transmission.

Hope that helps