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2003 Jeep Liberty - Desperately seeking Sylvia

My parents had a 2003 Jeep Liberty that they scrapped without telling me. I wanted to buy the car from them because I pretty much grew up with it and loved it very much. Her name was Sylvia. I have her vin number. Is there a way I can find where the car is or what junkyard/scrapyard has it? I want that car bad.

Ask your parents which junk yard they sold it to.


No you don’t . it has already been crushed or had so many parts sold off of it that it will never be anything but a lawn ornament . Why are you not asking your parents where it is ?

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My thoughts exactly.

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Vehicles don’t get sent to the junk yard without a good reason.

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It is likely frying pans and bicycles by now.

Scrapped cars get parted out for rebuildable cores and the metals are recycled to become new stuff.

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Check to see if your local pick-a-part auto salvage yards have inventory pictures online, you might spot the vehicle without leaving home.

They won’t sell the vehicle to you however, salvage vehicles can’t be sold to the public in many states. You could buy the grill and hang it on your wall, mom won’t mind.


That’s an idea. Really though you are in love with a 17 year old Liberty? That’s kind of like dreaming about that old high school sweet heart that got away. There is a time to close the door on such thoughts and move on. No good can come from it. Really though, nothing bigger than the grill like the hood or something. I kept the hood ornament from my Olds and mounted it on a stand for my desk. I also kept most of my dealer plaques, but that is the end of it.

My wife rear ended a car with our nearly new 2001 Ranger. I still have the grill hanging from my garage ceiling 20 years later. Saved the T-Bird emblem from the steering wheel of my ‘’84, and 25 anniversary emblem from my Mustang dash. Wish I had my Golden Hawk, the entire car, not just an emblem.

I think that a key part of an answer would depend on the following information:

WHEN did your parents sell that Jeep to the junkyard?

If they sold it very recently, then there is a chance that you might still be able to find it intact.
On the other hand, if it was scrapped more than a couple of months ago, it has likely already been broken into pieces.

Another question or two might the definition of the word scrapped.

Scrapped to an auto salvage very recently might have a glimmer of hope so you need to ask your parents.
Scrapped to an auto salvage quite a while back removes that glimmer unless you are prepared to dig deep financially and repair it; assuming the yard would even sell it to you. It if went to a Pull A Part then see the comment directly below. The end result is the same…

Scrapped to an iron/metal scrapyard means it’s been cubed or shredded already.

If this thing meant that much you should have ironed it out long before the parents gave up on it. The horse has left the barn and is likely dead and gone forever unfortunately. Or fortunately from a financial standpoint.