2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee- Stops when hot

jeep keeps stopping when hot computor is also hot to touch engine fault is allso on

Start by having the codes read so you can find out WHAT engine fault it is. Auto parts places will sometimes read them for free. Post the actual codes here… the P0123 type codes.

Maybe those codes will direct you to the problem. Or at least post them here and we’ll try and direct you to the problem.

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Well that is a good thing, overheating an engine and possible transmission if internal cooler will only cost you more and more to repair if you continue to drive it HOT…

Now, what are you calling HOT?? and how hot is it getting?? And how long are you driving it hot??

+1 for Mustangman…

You can get the codes from the computer by doing the key dance.

Turn the ignition switch off-on-off-on-off-on and keep it on.

If there are any codes they’ll be displayed on the odometer.


The computer feels hot when you touch it? Where is the computer located on this car that you can touch it? Suggest to be very cautious about touching the computer b/c a static shock could damage it beyond repair. If you want to know the computer’s temperature, use a non-contact laser-guided infrared thermometer instead.

As far as more help here, follow the suggestions above to find, then post the engine diagnostic codes here. Some things you might can do yourself

  • what does the engine coolant gauge read when this happens?
  • is the engine coolant level correct?
  • are the engine compartment cooling fans turning on and running at full speed when this occurs?