99 Jeep Grand Cherokee stalls

I bought my jeep about a year ago, and have had major problems with the computer system. My car wouldn’t start for days on end, and then one day would start right up. I just went ahead and replaced the whole computer, wiring, ect…and it ran fine for about 4-5 months. Once and a while the check engine light would come on, but nothing happened. Then one day my car died right in the middle of the street when I was driving it. All the lights in the dash go off and it just stalls. Sometimes it starts back up immediately,and others I have to sit for a god 15 minutes. Sometime it’ll do this 5-6 times in a day, others it won’t do it at all. I noticed it does it more often when it’s hotter outside. I got the check engine light checked (it comes on only once in a while) and the code said it was a cylinder 6 misfire. I took it into the shop and the checked my spark plugs and said they were fine, and they couldn’t find anything. Could this be related to the new computer? Or any suggestions on what I should have checked on it?

Well I have to toss it out there: check your crankshaft position sensor and camshaft position sensor. These can fail due to heat and shut down the engine, which magically starts back up once it’s cooled down.

If the sensors check out ok, check the fuel pump.

I will do that. Thanks!