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2003 jeep grand cherokee brakes,and rotors,tires wear real bad on inside front tires

Changed brakes on front and I smell burning rubber, do I need to check my rotors? Also my front tires are wearing real bad on inside do I just need an alignment?

Did the smell start after the brakes were changed? You may have an odor for a day or so after the brakes are changed. Residual stuff burning off. Tires wearing badly could be alignment, or worn parts. If the wear is really bad that might cause a burning smell as the tires scrape on the road. Have your local independent mechanic take a look at the tires and suspension to see what is wrong.

If you changed the brakes yourself, take the tires off and blow out the brake area with pressurized air. Be careful when you do so!

If someone else changed the brakes, take the car back and ask them to do it.

And you at least need an alignment, but the cause of that might be a worn component.