2003 Jaguar XJR - Power locks stopped working

All four door lock actuators stop working. I receive the open and close sound and can hear a click of the actuators but no movement. Can all for go out at once or is a fuse or something else?

If you hear a click… fuse it unlikely but can’t hurt to check. More likely a body control module… an electronic box that controls the functions like power locks.

Thank you for the suggestion, will give it a check. I found it unlikely that all four actuators would go out all at once.

It is very unlikely for four door lock actuators to go out at once. But there is a good reason that this kind of thing can happen. The power wire source to the actuators has a bad connection to power. There is a voltage drop on the power lead and there isn’t enough current to drive the coils. You can run a test power jumper to the lock switch to see if that makes the locks work.

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Good comments and I agree if there is too much resistance that will limit the current and may inhibit the actuators to activate. Talked to someone today that wanted to buy the car and who seemed to know a bit about Jaguars and he suggested that yes it was probably not the door actuators but the Body Control Unit, as there is a relay within that may be at issue. I plan to have it looked at in the next few days and I thank you for your comments, regards.

Since the actuators seem to want to work but aren’t, and there is a relay possibly involved with the power to the actuators it very well could be the power relay contacts are faulty.