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2003 Jaguar S-Type Fuse/Electric Problem

Hi, we own a used 2003 Jaguar S-type with only 27,000 miles which has recently had fuse problems. It started when we replaced our right tail light cover. As soon as we replaced it, the car was was able to start up but died and we smelled a lot of gas. At that point we discovered that the fuse for the fuel injector blew. We replaced the 15 amp fuse at least 3 times since but the fuse never blew once the car was started so we kept driving the car. Last week, we were driving on the highway, when the same fuse blew out while the car was at about 70 mph. Fortunately, we were able to pull over to the emergency lane just in time before the car stopped responding.

Any idea what’s the problem, what needs to be fixed or replaced? And, how much a car mechanic will charge?
Thanks in advance!

The fuse is there to protect the rest of the circuit from an overload. If the fuse is blowing the cause of the problem must be diagnosed and corrected.

Paying a mechanic for his or her time to search for and fix problems of this type can be expensive, expecially for a car with the leaping cat on the hood.

I fail to see a connection between the tail light and the fuel injection, but since it’s a Jag you never know.

The fuse most likely supplies power to more than just the injectors so the intermittent trouble may not be with the injector circuit but it could be. Intermittent problems like this can be hard to find sometimes but then it may not take much time to find the trouble. I would guess the hunt may take a couple of hours to find and fix the problem but you never know for sure.

Thanks mcparadise and cougar for taking the time to respond.