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The tail lights on my car keep blowing the fuse, I can’t find a short or anything that suggests a problem in the wiring, it’s a 7.5A fuse, it blew a 10A but seems to be working on a 15A. How much trouble is that 15A gonna bring me!!

When the wires start melting, you will have found your problem. Twice in my life I have had tail lights affected by the wires coming in contact with a hot exhaust pipe and shorting out. I would simply start tracing the wires looking for pinched, melted, or frayed wires.

This is a very bad idea. Put the original fuse back before your car catches on fire.

I absolutely and emphatically agree with lion’s statement.
The fuses are there for protection. Yours.

Bing’s advice was excellent too, except I’d modify it to say you MIGHT find out after the wires start melting… if the car doesn’t burn up.

What would I do? I’d run new wires and clip the old ones.