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2003 Infinity Control Arm Bushings

The dealer said my control arms are broken and needs nearly a thousand bucks to replace them and then do an alignment. Says the tires are wearing more on the inside. A 2003 Infinity G35 with 106,000 miles. What should I do?

Get a second opinion from an independent repair shop.


Any ideas?

I See Where Infinity’s Got A TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) On 2003 & 2004 G35s, Written For Their Technicians, That Discusses “Steering Drift To Right” Problems Caused By Defective R/F Compression Rods.

I also see that on Infinty sites that lots of folks are unhappy with noisy compression rods if it’s not caught while under warranty. I don’t see where this is a cause of uneven tire wear, but . . . car “drifting” . . . alignment ? . . . just saying . . .

Why it would cost a grand, I can’t imagine.


Any ideas?

Yes - you were given a very good one from Tester: “Get a second opinion from an independent repair shop.”

I don’t think there’s much else that can be said via internet.