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2003 Hyundai XG350 Electrical System

In 2007 purchased above referenced vehicle. First week it began to jerk a little when changing gears or just driving it. Last week it began to jerk violently when putting it into gear; then it finally died as i pushed on the brake. It was towed to AAMCO for diagnostics and they finally said the problem was out of their league, or it would cost 800-1000 for complete car diagnostics. Referred me to master mechanic. But I’m taking it back to the dealer. QUESTION: because there seems to be a history of electrical related issues with the model, and recalls found back in 2004, would this car be classified as a “lemon” or is it possible for the electrical issue to be fixed, or should I “junk” the vehicle?

The lemon law only applies to new vehicles. Your Hyundai is too old to be a lemon.

It may, however, still be under warranty. I suggest you carefully read the warranty information that came with the car.

Give the dealer a chance to fix it.

Stay away from AAMCO.