2003 Hyundai Santa Fe--Now With Check Engine Light and Shimmying!

My Santa Fe has roughly 120,000 miles on it (v6, fancy version with the sun roof). Today, I got in to go to a meeting. Noticed the car was shimmying and having trouble moving forward. Then noticed my check engine light was on. Managed to drive 5 miles to the meeting, and an hour later, the light and the shimmying were gone. Anybody out there have any brilliant ideas about what’s going on? (Or even wildly speculative guesses?) Car’s on its last legs, probably, and maybe this is the death knell I’ve been waiting for?

You need to take the vehicle to a person/shop that has a scanner that has the capability to read what are called HISTORY codes.

History codes are those that cause the Check Engine to come on, and at the same time causes a drivability problem and then are stored in the computer when the problem goes away.

History codes can be helpful in preventing a problem from occurring in the future.