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2003 Honda CR-V - Driver assist tech

My wife just lost the sight in her right eye. She is ok to drive but here in Denver we need AWD cars. Is there a late model AWD car that has Blind spot technology and a Rear View camera? Cost is a factor. Thx, KC.

You will just have to do what most people who look for used vehicle do. They look at online web sites of dealers , Autotrader , Cargaru and the many other places. As for backup camera , they only became mandatory May of 2018.

Yes, pretty much every late model vehicle has these options on top trims. Including the CR-V. Best of luck.

Just curious but what does ok to drive mean? Does that mean physically, legally, or both?
Each state has varying laws about this. Here’s a cut and paste for CO.

All original and renewing applicants must take and pass a vision test. To pass the acuity test, applicants must have at least 20/40 vision in either or both eyes. Drivers are also screened for phoria (double vision), unless they have vision in only one eye. Applicants using bioptic telescopic lenses must attempt to pass the acuity test using only the carrier lens (and not the telescope). Drivers who fail the acuity or the phoria test must have a Confidential Medical/Eye Exam Report (DR 2401) completed by their vision specialist. The vision specialist is required to complete all sections pertaining to vision, indicate whether authorizing a driving privilege would be medically prudent, and recommend licensing restrictions that should apply. The eye specialist may check off any of the following restrictions, or enter a restriction not on the list: daylight driving only; not more than ___ mph; area radius ___ miles from home; right sideview mirror, or left sideview mirror. Bioptic lens users must also pass a drive test using the telescopic lens apparatus

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