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Vision Test requirement for FL DMV?

I am about to renew my DL which is from California and renewing it in Florida to be able to get a Florida DL (Non-Commercial).

  1. The requirements are a vision test and hearing test only if one renews an out of state license in Florida, that is what I read. Meaning no written test. My CA DL has not expired yet. Will I still need to take a written exam? According to the page below, Out of State renewing process required vision and hearing test only.

Note: A new resident exchanging a valid out-of-state driver license for a Florida driver license will be required to pass the vision and hearing tests only. If you are under 18 and are not married, your license application must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Step-parents may not sign for you unless they have legally adopted you.

  1. For the vision test, will they need to test one eye each or can I pass the vision test with BOTH eyes opened? I have been practicing at home using a Snelllen Chart and appears that my right eye is a bit of a problem. My left eye is OK.

I would just go into the Tax Collector’s Office (DMV) and get a license. If it’s a written test you need or an eye test then take them. I’m sure it isn’t rocket science.

If you pass, then good. If you don’t pass…

…well, let’s just say you’d be sharing the Florida roads with me and I’d like to have legal drivers around me whenever possible.
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Florida is going to test your eyes the same way California does every time you renew your license.

When I moved to Florida they did not want to give me a license. I have had restrictions in the past for a left outside mirror as my right eye is about 20/100, what should look like 20 feet looks like 100 feet to my bad eye. FL wanted to declare me legally blind and not grant a license. I had been driving 10 years or so at the time. I said so when my car and motorcycle plates are FL, and I show them MY ND license and ask why, I am supposed to say because DMV calls me legally blind? Supervisor called and granted me a license, no written or road test. Hope you have no troubles.
CA, IL, WI,ND, no problem.

Why not see an optometrist first?

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My experience is they require an outside mirror on the same side as the bad eye. I lost my right one when I was 17 and have had the requirement of a right outside mirror since.

That must have been interesting situation, some desk jockey making that judgement without really understanding the law/rules…

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In NY, the requirement is 20/40 with both eyes open, license good for 8 years.

20/50 to 20/70, both eyes open, restricted license , good from 1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour before sunset. Must be renewed yearly.

You can take your eye test at the DMV or submit a certification from a qualified eye doctor.

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i am not sure what you all are saying, but I still have my license. Even had a CDL for a number of years, gave it up after I stopped snowplowing.

My cause is Ambliopia, however it is spelled, not correctable through glasses or surgery.

That makes no sense,

I meant for the OP, not you Barkydog.

Just how does someone practice reading an eye chart?

You need the outside mirror on the side you can’t see periphery from. You turn your head enough to see the side mirror without having to be an owl. What good is a mirror on the side you CAN see from? You can turn and see everything already without a mirror…

They are all the same. I had so many vision tests, I had memorized the chart. They came in and covered my bad eye, I could still recite the letters. If you wanted to mask a disability, you could memorize the chart…but why? Just resolve yourself to the vision correction requirements whether it be glasses, contacts or additional mirrors. If you can’t see well enough with those, you should be taking Uber rides…

I have no car yet in FL.
If I fail the vision test on my right eye, will they still grant me the DL?

And since I am out of state, no written exam needed?

Remember that movie “Space Cowboys” . . . ?! :nerd_face:

Most of the characters in the movie were blind as a bat . . . I think the Donald Sutherland character even used that exact phrase . . . but they all had memorized the eye chart

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Those are questions that can only be answered buy the Florida Drivers License bureau . All guesses might be accurate or completely off base .

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You would have a hard time memorizing a NY DMV eye chart. Each examiner has a chart on the wall behing him with many different lines of letters, all in the 20/40 size. when you get to the window your number is called for the examiner tells you the line number to read.

When I drove school bus for 15 years, they gave us all an eye test with the same paper Snellen chart that starts with E, SL and so forth. We all had it memorized. Nevertheless, when the vision in my right eye deteriorated, I gave up driving a school bus.

I think honesty is the best policy

Try to pass any vision tests legitimately . . . if you pass, then no further discussion and/or action needed

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If I failed with my 20/100 in one eye I would surrender my incense, and look into a self driving car, don’t need to find out yet how that would work. OK for now.