2003 Honda Civic Warranty


MY 2003 Honda Civic has a little over 58000 miles, and on Friday, the radiator developed a hole, and will not hold coolant.The only answer i have gotten is that there is only a 3 year/ 36000 mile warranty on it, but isn’t there a drive train or power train warranty for things like this?


I think your out of luck as far as warranty. I would have the radiator replaced at a local radiator shop, it will be a fraction of the cost of what a dealer will charge for a OEM one.

Now to a more important question, did the car overheat, and if so how long was it driven,. You mention about a power train warranty. Is the engine shot?


My mechanic said that it was a material defect. However, the dealership says they can’t cover it and ill have to talk to the Honda representative.


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I can’t see the radiator being covered by a powertrain warranty. That said, if the mechanic you took it to said it was a material defect, then you could take a letter signed by the mechanic to the dealership and see if they might cover it under a goodwill warranty. Worst they can say is no.