Hole in radiator


MY 2003 Honda Civic has a little over 58000 miles, and on Friday, the radiator developed a hole, and will not hold coolant.The only answer i have gotten is that there is only a 3 year/ 36000 mile warranty on it, but isn’t there a drive train or power train warranty for things like this?


Powertrain warranty doesn’t cover a radiator. Read your owners manual for warranty coverage.

Powertrain warranty coverage is engine and transmission.

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Some cars do, some cars don’t. Honda apparently doesn’t.

The good news is that a radiator leak is a relatively minor problem. I’d rather have a car with a 36/36,000 warranty that’l run reliably for years on end than a car with a 100/100,000 warranty that won’t. Just my humble opinion.

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As willey has stated, you need to read the terms of your powertrain warranty, which is contained in a booklet that is probably sitting in your glove compartment. I believe that you will find that the powertrain warranty covers all internal parts of the engine and the transmission, and also the drive axles, but that it does not cover things like the radiator, the battery, the HVAC system, etc.

Even though your radiator is connected to the engine, it is NOT the engine, hence, it is only covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty that ran out some time ago. Even though the radiator may have a defect in materials, the warranty coverage for that part ran out some time ago. Sorry for the bad news.

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A hole in the radiator of an 03? That would probably be caused by road debris and not a manufacturing defect. Maybe it would be covered by your insurance, but then the insurance company would raise your rates and you’d just pay in the end.