Fix it or Say Goodbye

Our 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (180,500mi)was just dignosed with a fried transmission (care of a blown radiator hose that took down the radiator thus taking down the transmission - or so I am told, cars are really NOT my thing). Does anyone out there have a Civic Hybrid with milage over ours? How is yours doing? Should we shell out $4000 for a new transmission - we would want at least 2 years/50,000 mi out of the car to make it worth it. Is that likely to happen or not?

How About Having Somebody Install An Experienced (Used) Transmission From A Lower Mileage Civic, Obtained From Auto Recyclers (Salvage)? That Could Save You Thousands ($$) ?


The radiator failure affected the transmission because the transmission cooler in integral with the radiator.

I’d wonder about damage to the engine from overheating. If things got hot enough to fry the transmission the engine probably got really hot, too. This could lead to trouble down the road.

You didn’t specify, but this car may have a CVT as opposed to a standard automatic, in which case finding a used one or a rebuilt one may be difficult.

Without knowing more about the condition of the engine it’s really hard to make a recommendation. If you install a new transmission the car will probably go another 50K miles, assuming the engine is OK.

If the engine has suffered from overheating I don’t think I’d gamble on it.