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2003 Honda Civic No Crank No Start at random

I have a 2003 Honda Civic that sometimes will not crank or start. I put the key in, turn, and sometimes hear a click but nothing happens. No power, no lights, no radio…
The problem has been happening randomly for a few months now. No relation to weather, or drive time (whether the car was just driven or idle for a few days).
Battery was tested and is fine. I also tested the fuse box for continuity and it was fine.
My current fix is to just remove one of the battery terminals and reconnect it. It’s been getting the job done, but I’m hopping for a more permanent solution. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Leads my to believe your terminals need thoroughly cleaned and properly tightened.

When the no-crank condition is present, you can test the current draw on the starter cable. I’d guess it would be fairly low, less than 60 amps. This would corrolate with It_s_me’s guess of failure of a good electrical connection at the battery. Oxides which restrict current flow can be present without being visible. Nothing a good brushing and nut tightening won’t fix.

How old is the battery? Average life of 4-5 years in my Honda, they get unreliable after that. Yours may be ready for its fourth battery.

If the battery tests good, the first thing I’d look at is the brake light switch (down by the brake pedal) and if that tests good, (if you have an automatic transmission) the neutral safety switch.

Brake light switch test is easy. When the car won’t start, keep your foot on the brake and have someone look to see if your brake lights are on.

If that’s good, the next time it won’t start, shift into neutral and try.

Either of those switches failing will not allow the vehicle to start, because it thinks you’re not stepping on the brake or that the transmission is not in drive or neutral.