2003 Honda Civic LX starting problem

I own a 2003 Honda civic. It started and drove fine, but after a brief trip into the supermarket, the engine spun but did not start. On the second try it started without trouble. This has happened 3 times?

Anyone know what might cause this?



If those are the original battery, air filter, fuel filter, pvc valve, and other regular maintenance items, replace them. What regular maintenance, besides oil changes, HAS BEEN done?

Recently only the air filter was changed. The car has about 59,000 miles.

The car is due for a major service at 60k miles. This will involve replacing all fluids, all filters, and possibly the spark plugs. I would suggest that you also add a transmission fluid change, even if Honda does not list this in their maintenance schedule, and even though it has nothing to do with the starting problem. Bringing the car up to date with maintenance now is wise if its maintenance has been lax for some time.

Trying to “cherry pick” a cause of the starting problem before you bring all maintenance up to date is ultimately more time-consuming and more expensive than trying to diagnose the problem after proper maintenance. With any luck, decent maintenance will resolve the problem.