2003 Honda Accord


My daughter ran into a curb. Took it to the dealer who said we need a Lower control arm and right spindle but it would take a while to get parts. Took it to another shop. They said nothing about the Lower control arm or spindle, but tie rods, bushings, and other stuff. They also said I need a new sub frame. Took it back to the dealer who recommended the same as before - no need to replace subframe until these other parts are in place and we can see how close we can get allignment.

I am confused now. the other shop ordered the sub frame and its on its way, but who do I trust?


I have no idea which one is correct, but it is possible that all of those things could be damaged.

Usually a curb strike will mean an automatic lower control arm at the least.
Often these are damaged and it may not be visible to the naked eye.
If the strike was hard enough to damage a spindle then it’s possible the subframe could be tweaked along with the tie rod.

Wished I could be of more help but without seeing the car I’m only wild guessing.

You might consider taking a tape measure and measuring from the rear of the front wheel to the front of the rear wheel on the left side. Wheel rim, not tire and steering wheel straight ahead.
Do the same on the other side and compare measurements. They should be within an 1/8".

If the struck side is shorter then you can figure the lower control arm is bent for sure.


The shop that ordered the subframe is a good place. They know that it is bent and “close enough for now” isn’t close enough for them. I too, would have trouble knowing which place is gooder than the other. There isn’t an absolute right thing to do here. Shades of gray.