2003 Honda Accord Problems Starting When Temp below 32

Since the weather has turned cold, my Honda will not turn over without me depressing the gas pedal 1/2 way (this is after veh has been parked all night in an unheated garage). Since this is not normal, I took the veh to a Honda dealer for service. They were unable to duplicate the problem, therefore unable to diagnose and fix. They did mention something may be sticking, fuel injectors possibly not opening, and possible fuel pump problem. Again they could fix. Does anyone have any ideas?

Peggy, See If The Dealer Will Give You Something Else To Drive So A Technician Can Take Your Car Home And Experience For Herself / Himself. They Can Be Ready With Diagnostic Equipment.

Often when a salesperson from the New Car Department “smells blood in the water” (a customer with an 8 to 9 year-old car having problems) they’ll gladly let you take a new demo home.


Peggy, Do You Have A V-6 Engine ? Has Honda Checked Their Own Technical Service Bulletins ?

Long Time Cranking Or Hard Starting - 2003 (only) all V-6 Accords

[list] A sticking fuel pressure regulator can cause a delay in fuel pressure at start-up.[/list]

[list]At engine shutdown exhaust backflow may cause a poor mixture (fuel / air) at the nest engine start-up.[/list]

I wouldn’t insist that Honda replace the fuel pressure regulator (and updated software) or the fuel pump module gasket set, but I’d want to know if these are possibilities that may be exacerbated by extended parking times and colder weather.

The bulletin instructs technicians on proper diagnosis, including testing fuel pressure.

This isn’t necessarily your car’s problem(s), but I’m putting it out there because it covers 2003 Accord V-6s and you asked for any ideas.