Won't start in the heat

My wife drives a 2000 Honda Accord V6 coupe that will not start ocassionally. The common denominator in each case is that it is hot outside. She has had it towed to the dealer and they can not find anything wrong with it. It will crank but,acts like it is not getting fuel. What do you think it may be ?

What is hot? Where are you? It matters.

Try a different shop. This should be very easy to figure out. If it has to be towed because it won’t start, something is lacking (spark or fuel) that should be easy to locate, track down, and diagnose.

I hear Tom and Ray say that the Hondas often have problems with the starter relay…Mike…haven’t heard from Hondadude lately

Eastern NC… Usually around 90 F this time of year. High humidity as well.

You can find out about spark or fuel yourself. From an auto parts store get a spark tester and a can of starter fluid. The next time it won’t start, hook up the spark tester to see if you have spark. (If not, then you know to troubleshoot the ignition). If you have spark, shoot some starter fluid into the intake. If that gets it to fire - even if briefly - then you know the troubleshoot fuel delivery.

This sounds like the classic Honda Main Relay problem, which takes place during periods of high temperatures. When the interior of the car gets very hot, a problem with these relays causes the fuel pump to shut down. If the Honda dealership is not aware of this very common issue with Hondas of that era, then it does not speak well of them.

The Main Relay is an electronic black box that sits inside the car, on the firewall, just to the left of the steering column & above the brake pedal. It is easy to unplug it, take it to a parts store to get an exact replacement, and to simply plug in the new one.

Let us know if this works!

Now that you mention it, it does and that is well worth checking out. But I thought that was an early-mid '90s thing? (Not that it couldn’t appear in a car of any year).

Great advice. I will give it a try. Thanks very much.