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2003 GTI electrical problem with windshield wipers

This is for a 2003 GTI, 89,00 miles. Every time I try to use the windshield cleaner the fuse blows for the windshield wipers. I have tried to put in a 25 amp fuse and it worked for a while but still blew. The windshield wiper motor has been replaced. Anyone have any suggestions?

DO NOT USE A BIGGER FUSE…You’re asking for trouble…possibly a electrical fire.

Something is shorting out. It needs to be addressed. The short is causing you to keep blowing fuses. Fuses are there for SAFETY…So that if there is a short it won’t keep drawing power and burning circuits.

I’d start tracing wires from the switch to the fuse box and from the fuse box to the fluid pump. And then from the pump back to the switch. Also check the Fluid pump…it could be shorting out.

Disconnect the fluid pump and then put in a 20 ampere or smaller fuse. Push the button for the windshield washer pump. If the fuse doesn’t blow, then the problem is in the pump. If it does blow, then you have a problem in the wiring.
My guess is that the problem is the pump. You stated that a 25 ampere fuse worked for a while, but it would then blow. This suggests that the pump motor is going bad and drawing more current over time.