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2003 Ford ZX2 or 1992 Volvo 240?

I need the advice of the multitudes on this one. I currently own a 2003 Ford ZX2 that as of late has been trying to kill me. With 138,000 miles I have replaced the tension pulley and serpentine belt on Christmas Day and as I drove home from some meetings today, I had to limp home because the clutch gave out. So I am looking for some opinions. I am currently in the US Navy and like all other forces, deployments can be long, hence my apprehension to purchase any form of newer vehicle because it will be dormant for long periods of time. The tinkerer in me has tonight seen several 1980s-1990s Volvo 240 station wagons for about 650-1000 that have caught my eye. All have anywhere from 175,000-260,000 miles .
So in my position would you rather replace the clutch on the escort and continue driving it or take he chance on the Volvo and power through whatever future repairs they will need?

I’d do the clutch without a second thought of the Volvos. An old, cheap Volvo wagon could very easily become a project; or be one right from the start.


For me, it’s a no-brainer

You replace the clutch on the Ford and keep driving it for a few more years.

You already know your Ford, and what’s wrong with it

If you buy a cheap, old Volvo, you’ll probably be buying someone’s headache

Not to mention that the Ford gets fuel economy and is slightly more fun to drive

The people I knew that had old Volvos carried a repair manual in the car because they always seemed to break down before they got back home.

New clutch. The ZX2 parts are inexpensive; the Volvo parts are not.

A belt, tensioner, and clutch in 138k miles is nothing more than expected repairs and nothing compared to what you will need for any 175k mile Volvo. I agree this is a no brainer. Fix the Ford and never think about an old (or any) Volvo again.

One more vote for the Ford. And a STRONG vote against the Volvo…

Volvos are great as new cars under warranty. Buying someone elses unknown 20 year old high mileage Volvo is a ticket to the poor house. Especially if it’s left sitting for extended periods of time

I can only echo the advice of the others.
Fix the Ford, avoid the Volvo.

As I tell my friends…I owned a Volvo 240…ONCE !
(Translation=never again)

Old Volvos make great driveway ornaments. Fix the Ford and drive on.

Fix the Ford. Run away from the Volvo.

And sincere thinks for your military service. My son is also Navy, a Seabee, and my thank you comes from the heart.

Stay safe and God bless.