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2003 Ford Taurus - turning off anti-theft

how to turn off the anti-theft system

From the world wide web… Is your ‘THEFT’ light blinking rapidly when you put the ignition in ‘RUN’? You can try the following steps and see if the car will start.

  1. Turn the key to ‘RUN’ (do not try to start).
  2. The ‘THEFT’ light should blink rapidly. After a minute the blinks should slow down.
  3. Turn the ignition ‘OFF’ and remove the key and keep it at least 2 feet from the steering column for 30 seconds.
  4. Put the key back in and turn to the ‘RUN’ position. Wait for the normal engine self-test procedure to take place. The ‘THEFT’ light should not be blinking. If it isn’t you should be able to start the vehicle normally.

If that doesn’t work the PCM will most likely need a flash.