2003 Ford Focus Wagon Creaking/bumping in front

I just bought this used Ford Focus Wagon (—this is the car I wanted no comment on that please) and it had the rear brake drums replaced and the front ball joints replaced.

Now I hear a creaking when I slow down that wanes with decreasing speed (creakycreaky creaky…creaky…creaky…creaky…creaky) and when I am in a turn I feel a light bumping under my feet. This bumping goes away when I straighten the wheel.

The brakes were replaced because they were squeaking. Can you give me an idea of what is creaking? Or how to better diagnose it before I bring it in again? I have 30 days of warrantee with free service (now about 3 wks).

You have to bring the vehicle back to where you bought it from before the warrantee runs out. And tell them that you feel what you’re expieriencing while driving the vehicle might be a safety issue. Give the people a chance. If they find worn components, they’ll probably replace them for free. And if they snowball you on this, at least you’ll have a record of you bringing the vehicle in for this problem, so if the problem is more apparent in future, you can go back to them with an ongoing warantee issue, and it’s still covered.