My Explorier Died

It will not start. Turns over fast enough, got it started a couple of times with starting fluid.Was O.K. after it warmed up. Relaced gas filter and was O.K for 2 days.

Need to get a fuel pressure gauge on it - preferably while driving around. Check all the wiring & such for the fuel pump - a new one might be what you need.

You won’t get an idea what the real problem is until you do some simple fuel pressure tests, with the engine under load.
Here are the instructions for testing the fuel pump. Scroll down to “Testing”. Click ENLARGE, then on your pc press ctrl++, ctrl++ several times.

Update. Thanks for the ifo. I figured out that I have no injector pulse, but the pump is OK. I only have 2.5 STI at the DLC connector and have no idea what to do.