Rear end squeak

I have a 2007 Ford Expedition. Six months ago I was rear ended and had significant damage which was fixed. A few weeks ago I drove the vehicle to work and left it in the parking lot. Later that day a coworker advised me that my passenger side rear tire was leaning in. I had the vehicle towed to the shop (the same one that did the repair work) and they indicated that I must have hit something or driven up on a curb (I don’t recall that) and they needed to replace the right rear suspension and alignment. This work was done and I drove the vehicle home with no problems. A few days later I had a very noticable squeaking noise from the right rear area. It did not do this constantly but every day or so it was noticable. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the right rear upper camber link. I drove the vehicle for several days with no noise and then it started again (not all of the time but occasionally and then it stops. Once again back to the shop and now they tell me they have checked it out completely and there is no damage and nothing is wrong. Should I drive this vehicle? Any ideas what the noise is?

Is the squeak related to tire rotation or road bumps?

I had an annoying squeak in a 2003 Toyota 4Runner. It occured on slight bumps–even a tar strip on a concrete road. It turned out to be the emergency brake cable. A little lubication solved the problem. You might set and release the handbrake a couple of times while the car is parked. If the noise goes away, you found the problem.

I haven’t heard the squeak, and this may be way off. However, it costs nothing to check it out.

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