2000 gmc jimmy a/c compressor

I tried the a/c for the first time this year and the compressor wont kick on. It worked fine last summer. What could go wrong over the winter?

Probably lost some refrigerant over the winter. Take it to an AC shop, and they’ll connect a set of gauges to determine the state of charge of the AC system.


bought a can of refrigerant and the compressor is cycling on and off

Strongly recommend you follow Testers recommendation. It could get more expensive doing this on you own.

Cycling compressor is the first visible sign that it is low on refrigirant, and this could damage the compressor. Do get it checked out.

I will let a professional look at it, THANK YOU

Yeah, it’s low on freon, but as already suggested. you should let a qualified tech do it for you!

I bought my 2000 Blazer in Feb 2003, when I first tried the A/C the compressor would only run for 5 seconds at a time. It turned out to be one of the pressure switches, high or low I don’t remember.

Ed B.