2003 chevy silverado 3500 driver side headliner noise

2003 Chevy Silverado 3500 driver side headliner noise. There is a buzz coming from what appears to be a small 1.5" diameter plastic fan cover. What is the fan for and can it be disabled?

Do you mean that fabric headliner just above your head when you are sitting in the car? There’s a fan there? Could be I guess, I’m unfamiliar with your car. As long as it isn’t for making the car go, I’m sure it can be disabled, but you’d need access to a wiring diagram.

Yes it is located in the fabric headliner where you indicated. I had hoped to disable it from the fuse panel or unplug it from its’ source. I’d like to pull the headliner as a last resort unless that would be easier. I’ll try to post a pic.

Do you have access to the car’s wiring diagram?

After all this time I discovered it was a $48 ‘aspirator’ or cabin temperature control sensor.
This was discovered after I had a Bluetooth enabled receiver installed so I could receive calls hands free. I had the tech snip those wires because the 1" dia. fan was making what was thought to be RF noise. Well so much for regulating the cabin temp. The AC was always on or the heat had to be set to 90 deg. Drove me nuts. Replacing the sensor solved both problems.

Thanks for posting the answer. My 06 started doing this about a week ago. I can drive you nuts as you said. I too noiced the AC and heat controls were not working right.